Marie Johnston

Rancher Next Door

She moved back home to simplify life but ended up pretending to date the rancher next door.
Two years ago, Lucas’s high-school sweetheart divorced him, claiming he was unreliable, disappointing, and a failure. He hasn’t looked at another woman since. A failing farm and an ailing dad are all he has time for. But when the neighbor girl moves back next door, he can’t help but notice she’s not a scrawny kid anymore. And she's single. And ignoring him.
Seven years ago, Trina’s boyfriend left her, leaving her to raise their son and no child support to help. So when she’s late for the interview of a lifetime and the childhood friend who abandoned her long ago offers to cover, she can’t afford to say no. The proposal is clear. If she pretends to date him, she’ll get the job she needs with his aunt so she can afford to get her degree.
They both know the deal. It should be no problem. But the more Lucas learns about Trina’s plans and ambitions, the more he knows his ex-wife was right, that he has nothing to offer. Yet the bigger the glimpse Trina gets into Lucas’s lonely life, the more she wants to be a part of it, even at the risk of her own damaged heart. These old friends have so much more to risk the second time around, but the temptation next door has never looked so good.
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