Tom Brown

How to Stop Complaining & Start Being Productive! (Positive Thinking Book)

‘Stop living as if you have 500 years left.” Bill Gates

Your reality is not an objective reality. Have you ever had a thought which you first believed, but later you understood that it was just a fable? Our minds sometimes lie to us. They tell us that the person doesn’t respond to our phone call because he thinks ill of us. They say that we are useless, unattractive, miserable, or lazy, or that we have failed in life if we don’t have a partner, regular job, and two healthy children.

In times of crisis and hardships, our thoughts tell us that it won’t be better and that our life is ruined. But this is not indeed true. These are our personal worries perceived through the prism of biases and assumptions. Take a step back from your ideas and recall that thoughts are just a work of brain neurons. Repeat to yourself in mind 'I think (the things which worry you),' and notice how this thought becomes less prominent. Don’t trust everything you think, remember the words of one song, 'Our mind is a generator of evil.’

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