THOMAS Johnson

Race to the Wall

Torn from the headlines of AD 2020, Thomas Johnson's latest novel is the second book in his must-read frightening dystopian tale.

Apidae rose from the ashes of the crushed earth. It is a perfect land with a perfect hive-like structure, and perfect people called hive units. Each hiveu has perfect health, physical traits, body weight, skin, height, and intellect. The hive offers such perfection one can wonder why William and Isabelle are desperate to break free from the land.

After a serious disease strikes, Isabelle, the woman he loves, William sets out to retrieve banned medication to save her. He must traverse hundreds of miles, alone, through dangerous mountains, while fleeing from frightening wild animals and the tight technological net the hive places around its land.

William's actions place them on an unalterable path to leave the land. They must avoid the unstoppable pursuit of the frightening Milo intent on the destruction of all disobedient hive units.

Will they escape Apidae before Milo destroys them?
285 printed pages
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