Richard Foreman

Wilful Misunderstandings

A unique concept frames Richard Foreman’s ‘Wilful Misunderstandings’, a collection of short stories from Lepus Books.  In each of these thirty-four tales the author takes a word, phrase or saying, twisting it into a new meaning, and by extension a new reality.  The stories that emerge extend across a diverse stylistic range through sci-fi, adventure, crime, romance, horror, folk tale and magic realism. The many worlds of ‘Wilful Misunderstandings’ can be rampantly surrealistic at times, not so very different from our own at others.  A ‘parapet’ becomes a beast assigned as a familiar to would-be mystics.  If you go out and ‘stretch your legs’ you come home taller.  ‘Accolade’ is a drink that gives you a pat on the back.  But in each tale, readers will meet engaging characters in intriguing situations – some humorous, some perilous, some with deep emotional resonance.
233 printed pages
Original publication
Lepus Books



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