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Wrought Ironwork

Second in its series and a facsimile edition of the original 1953 instruction manual, Wrought Ironwork is a practical and essential guide with a focus on technique for the modern smith. With 33 step-by-step lessons and coordinating photography for making a variety of scrolls — from ribbon-end scrolls to beveled scrolls — water leaves, and wavy bars, and eventually onto the creation and assembly of an ornamental gate, practice the fundamentally vital methods to this timeless trade. Working in succession with Blacksmith’s Craft, you’ll further your skills and hone the techniques necessary to become a skilled smith.

·       Second installment in blacksmith textbook series originally published in 1953
·       Focuses on the techniques of the trade of blacksmithing
·       Contains 33 step-by-step lessons and coordinating photography
·       Learn to make a variety of scrolls, water leaves, wavy bars, and ornamental gates
344 printed pages
Original publication

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