Holly Webb

Sky the Unwanted Kitten

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Lucy is unhappy about having to move home and leave all her friends behind. Her parents hope that a new pet cat might help her to settle in, so they surprise her with Sky – a gorgeous Siamese kitten. Lucy falls in love with Sky, but she's still upset with her parents and pretends that she's not interested in the kitten. Poor Sky is left feeling confused and alone. Why doesn't Lucy want her? From best-selling author Holly Webb comes another heart-warming animal story.
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    Elizabeth Wohltersshared an impression2 years ago
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    What a lovely story I will read more


    Оксана Федоткинаhas quoted6 years ago
    Chapter One

    As the car started, Lucy pressed her face up against the window, staring sadly back at her home. Except it wasn’t her home any more. In a few hours’ time another family would arrive, and another removal lorry, just like the one that was lumbering down the road in front of her parents’ car. She blinked back tears as they pulled away, staring back at Nutmeg and Ginger, the two friendly cats from the house next door. They’d been frightened away by all the fuss and bother of the removal men, but now they were back on their usual spot, the wall between Lucy’s garden and the one next door. They liked to sunbathe on the bricks, and Lucy loved to play with them and cuddle them and pretend they were hers. She longed to have a cat of her own. She had asked her parents so many times, but they always said she would have to wait until she was older.
    The ginger cats stared curiously after the car. Lucy rolled down her window and waved to them. Nutmeg mewed, and walked down the wall towards the street. Lucy sniffed miserably. She couldn’t believe she would never see them again. A few seconds later the car turned out of her road and she could no longer see the cats, or even the house.

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