Alan Dean Foster

Sentenced To Prism

One man struggles to survive on a hostile alien world in this thrilling adventure from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Madrenga.
Some people are convinced they can do anything; Evan Orgell is one of them. So when his company president sends him off-world to investigate a breakdown in communications from a small research station on a newly discovered planet, he’s all in. The planet’s resources could mean massive profits for the company—and a successful mission could mean massive advancement for Evan. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
Clad in a Mobile Hostile World suit, Evan has no doubts about his safety—until he lands on the world of Prism. Though he’s already dealt with thousands of theoretical extraterrestrial problems, nothing prepares him for what he finds there. Hungry, invading lifeforms are everywhere. Over two dozen highly trained people have been overwhelmed and killed, some with their bones eaten from the inside out. It’s utter devastation. Then, while Evan searches for survivors, his indestructible suit meets its match—and he must face the bloodthirsty predators of Prism alone, unprotected, with only his wits to rely on . . .
Praise for Alan Dean Foster
“One of the most consistently inventive and fertile writers of science-fiction and fantasy.” —The Times (London)
“Alan Dean Foster is a master of creating alien worlds.” —
“Foster knows how to spin a yarn.” —Starlog
“Alan Dean Foster is the modern day Renaissance writer, as his abilities seem to have no genre boundaries.” —Bookbrowser
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