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Instant Pot Cookbook

Cooking Under Pressure; Preparing Quick, Easy & Delicious Meals Has Never Been This Easy!
Do You Want To Prepare Quick And Healthy Meals For You And The Ones You Love? 
Instant Pot Cookbook Is Here For You!
Are you a busy mother, a university student or you don’t like spending a lot of time in order to prepare a meal in general?
Then this book is going to rock your world!
Learn how to prepare healthy meals with an instant pot within a few minutes- say goodbye to junk food that puts your health at risk!
Find all kinds of recipes inside- cook delicious soups, stews & chili, meat & poultry, seafood, vegetables, grains, beans and desserts without any hassle!
Learn all the useful tips given by the writer- do it like a chef after reading this book!
A healthy outside starts from the inside- don’t you agree?
Written by experienced chef and tested by culinary experts This Instant Pot Cookbook is a great collection of really quick and easy, but delicious and healthy meals that will take the minimum of your time. Best for busy people, who have no time for cooking but still want to provide themselves and their families with good food. Instant Pot+this cookbook is the solution to the eternal problem of healthy and tasty food for everyone.
In this book You will find recipes for:
Stews & Chilis
Meat & Poultry
Vegetables & Grains & Beans
All recipes are provided with technical instructions to Your Instant Pot, cooking time and useful comments from the author.
49 printed pages
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