Jennifer Becker

Chasing Mia

His sister was missing.

That was the only thing Ortiz has been thinking about since he got the call in the middle of the night. Following the trail of clues leads him to his ex, Mia. Even more startling than knowing his sister has been hanging out with his ex, is seeing a little boy that is his spitting image.

To say Mia is shocked when her ex Hector, knocked on her door asking about his sister was an understatement. When he cheated on her, she left him thinking she would never see him again. But now that he’s back and knows about his son, he has no intention of leaving. She tells herself she can allow him to see his son but remain emotionally detached.

As the days pass and she sees the connection her son and Ortiz have she sees that things are anything but simple and the things they thought that tore them apart were not what they seemed. Can they give themselves another chance or with their past keep them apart?
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