Barbara Cartland

Rivals For Love

Two attractive, intelligent people with one thing in common both of them have sworn never to marry, unless it is for true love. Beautiful and headstrong, Lady Elva Chartham shocks her family when she denounces the debutante balls and festivities of London as a waste of her time. Determined not to bow to the pressure of polite society into an early marriage, she returns home to the pleasures of the country and to dream of travel and adventure. Little does she know that opportunities for both will be presented to her during a surprise visit from her cousin, the enigmatic Duke of Sparkbrook. Handsome and equally adamant that he will not marry the eligible young ladies paraded before him, they enter into a pact to help the British Government. Leaving the safety of England for Russia and the opulent court of Empress Catherine, Elva and the Duke grow closer as they face great danger amongst the plotters and espionage they discover. Will they succeed in their mission and return safely back to Britain? Or will their deception be discovered as they get drawn ever deeper into a court filled with desire, betrayal, revenge, and ultimately love?
133 printed pages
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    Галина Макеевичshared an impressionlast year
    💞Loved Up

    Барбара Картленд и двор Екатерины Великой)) Кое-какие русские слова и названия искажены, но что-то в этом есть.


    fatimahj07has quoted4 years ago
    “You never know. The man in the moon might ask me to visit him. If he does, I promise you I will accept immediately!”
    sharmeliandreyhas quoted5 years ago
    Love Became Theirs

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