William L.DeAndrea


Allan Trotter goes head to head with the Angel of Death.
Allan Trotter's counter-espionage service began at birth: His father, the head of an ultra-secret intelligence wing of the US government, deliberately conceived him with a gorgeous Russian spy. Raised to navigate a crooked world, Trotter was immersed in deception, danger, and narrow escapes. He's a perfectly honed agent, but he desperately wants a normal life.
Trotter is pulled out of his life of seclusion, though, when the Russian spy outfit Cronus sends their Angel of Death, Azreal, to a sleepy town in Upstate New York to knock off innocent people. The aim? To scare back a stray agent: Petra Hudson, now the happy CEO of a media conglomerate worth billions, who has put her spying past behind her — or so she thinks. Ignorant of her mother's double life, Hudson's daughter, Regina, a newspaper editor, has unknowingly alerted the Agency. And since fighting Cronus is the one thing that can give Trotter's life meaning, when he learns that Regina — a kindred victim of the organization — is at risk, the stakes feel even more crucial.

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