Kyle Langley

Learning Unity iOS Game Development

Build exciting games with Unity on iOS and publish them on the App Store
About This BookTake advantage of Unity 5's new tools to create a fully interactive mobile gameLearn how to connect your iTunes developer account and use Unity 5 to communicate with itUse your Macintosh computer to publish your game to the App StoreWho This Book Is ForThis book is for iOS developers who want to learn how to build games with Unity for the iOS platform. Some prior experience in game development would be useful.
What You Will LearnCreate your own iTunes Connect Developer account and create an app within itSet up iTunes Game Center features in iTunes Connect so you can use them within Unity 5Construct a game using C# that allows users to interactively control the game characterUse Unity 5's editor window to create a custom editor tool specific for the game made in the bookStore and keep track of data so the player is able to collect in-game pick-ups that can be used to purchase in-game goodsUse all game features so the player is able to fully navigate menus between the front menu and in the game stateMake, test, and finally release builds so you can play on your device and then submit the game to Apple for reviewIn DetailOver recent years, the market for mobile game development using Unity has grown multi-fold with an overwhelming 600 million gamers playing games developed using Unity engine. The newly launched Unity 5 offers a wide range of dedicated and powerful tools for iOS developers who intend to follow the basics and gradually elevate their skills to revolutionize the way they design and publish games for the App Store.
From beginners, to those who are experienced making video games, this book goes through the steps of using Unity 5 to make a game from the ground up and setting the game up with iTunes Game Center features.
The book begins with an introduction to setting up an iTunes Connect developer account, this will allow you to use Unity to its full potential with iOS. You will create a new app in iTunes Connect with the settings for Apple approval. You will learn, in detail, how to use Unity 5 and the programming language C# to make a fully interactive game that keeps track of player progress, Game Center Leaderboards, and Achievements, as well as displaying iAds and offering In-App purchases.
Moving on, you'll discover how to create development and release builds, enabling you to test the game on your device before finally submitting the game for Apple's approval.
By the end of the book, you will have a complete understanding of how iTunes and Unity can be used in combination to build and publish a fully interactive and reliable game to the App Store.
Style and approachThis is a step-by-step guide that covers the fundamentals of gaming and reveals the secrets of building and monetizing games for the iOS platform.
282 printed pages



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