Jacqueline S Mendez

120 Organic Skin Care Recipes

All organic skin, hair, and beauty recipes for a safer, healthier, and more beautiful you!

Stop the show by changing from your regular beauty routine to the deep step by step approach 
taught in this book to transform you to a Celebrated Beauty Queen.
Do you know that you can have a flawless, rejuvenated, nourished, glowing and tender skin?

This book contains professional yet simple and easy to read recipes, and approaches to give you
the skin only a Goddess can have.

Filled with organic and all-natural ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, white/brown sugar, salt,
and olive oil. This ingredients in turn gives you the opportunity to make your own lotions, body butters,
scrubs, mouth wash, shaving cream, foundation, toners, moisturizers, face clearing creams…. without the
fear and hazards of buying store bought beauty products filled with harmful chemicals.

This book will…
a) Teach you how to use herbs to make out of this world skincare recipes.
b) Teach you how to use oils and essentials oils to make incredible beauty and skin care recipes.
c) Expose you to other natural ingredients that can be used to create your own beauty care recipe.
d) Give you a step by step approach to a more effective application of your own homemade beauty and skin care products.
e) Give you the opportunity to cut cost, save money and create healthier recipe for your beauty routine and many more.

The luxurious ingredients and recipes in 120 Organic Skin Care Recipes are just the answer to beauty transforming home 
spa miracle you are about to experience.
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