Louise Taylor

Woman's Book of Yoga

This complete step-by-step instruction manual provides an introduction to yoga for all women.More and more women are discovering the benefits and joys of yoga practice: it makes them feel better, look better, and live better. This book is the perfect starting place for any woman of any age who is interested in yoga but is not sure where to start. A step-by-step instruction manual that is fully illustrated, The Woman's Book of Yoga offers a clear, jargon-free introduction to the basic yoga positions; the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of each position; and daily progress charts and journal-entry pages to encourage the reader to explore her own progress.Each chapter presents a new yogic concept and new poses or asanas that build into a complete program. As a special feature, there are also journal pages for recording your physical and spiritual progress.A book for any woman of any age who wants to improve her health, The Woman's Book of Yoga comes at a time when even mainstream health clubs are recognizing that yoga isn't for alternative lifestyles anymore-it's for everyone.
184 printed pages
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