Berni Stevens

Revenge is Sweet

The author of Dance Until Dawn continues the Immortals of London series with a novel of one vampire’s unquenchable thirst for revenge.
Life hasn’t been exactly normal for Ellie since she became a vampire. Although joining the legion of the undead was always going to take some getting used to, even if you are the partner of Will Austen, the Elder of London.
But when Daniel, a fifteen-year-old fledgling vampire, unexpectedly turns up at Ellie and Will’s Highgate home, things start getting very strange—and more than a little scary. A mystery troublemaker leaves behind a trail of carnage, and it soon becomes clear they will stop at nothing to get the Elder’s attention, even if it involves hurting the person he cherishes the most . . .
But when it comes to Ellie, Will Austen is the wrong vampire to mess with.
319 printed pages
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