Raimon Samsó

The Manifestation Code

Why do some people see their wishes come true and others don't?
I have 12 reasons… Do you want to know them?
This set of principles –as I have ordered and systematized them— they make up “The Manifestation Code” and they are a spiritual technology to make the invisible visible.
Although the concepts on which I have based the “12 powers” may seem like a commonplace to you, or you think you already know them, I will provide you with a new meaning for those concepts, please let yourself be surprised.
What you are going to read next is not new, but it has been forgotten. In the distant future, it will be a no-brainer. This is my vision of the future: in a few thousand years, the illiterates will be those people incapable of designing their life at their choice.
Only 12 steps to learn. All of them in this book.
Spiritually enlightened people, the majority, will align their intention with their manifestations and only those who have fallen behind, the minority, in their spiritual development, will suffer an unelected destiny.
Discover the consciousness that creates the desires
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  • btwjzgwvdhas quoted6 months ago
    will use two key concepts, which should be clear: reality and world, unchanging meaning.
    • Reality is invisible, it is the spiritual realm, and it is the matrix of all that is visible in the world of things. It's the cause. It is the only reality.
    • The world of things is the manifestation of the invisible dimension. It is the effect. It is a projection.
    In other words, the visible world that you perceive is less real in invisible reality. A quantum physicist would call them deployed order and implicate order. World and reality.
    Consciousness. It is the Divinity, the spirit and any other end word that you want to use. Known. It is the realm of the spirit. It has no levels.
    Awareness. It is the mind, the means or tool by which consciousness is expressed. Perceive It is the domain of the ego, and it has levels.
  • mashnicahas quotedlast year
    change your words, change your vocabulary, and your life will change accordingly
  • mashnicahas quotedlast year
    when the imagination coincides with your inner discourse about fulfilled desires, then there will be a direct path in you, from the inside out, and the outside will instantly reflect what's inside you, and you will know that reality is only realized with inner conversation

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