Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg,Carsten Folke Møller

Battle Mind. How to Navigate in Chaos and Perform under Pressure

Michael Pram Rasmussen, Chairman of the Board in A.P. Møller Mærsk: "From the boardroom to the bridge of a tanker, every leader must master the art of dealing with crises and emergencies. With great skill, Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg shows us that there is a method behind the art"
Nils Wang, Rear Admiral, Commandant at The Royal Danish Defence College: "Any leader who expects to come under fire will eventually feel an urgent need to understand Battle Mind. Reach out for this thoughtful and instructive book well in advance of those critical moments". 
Søren Kyhl, Executive Vice President, Danske Bank: "A stimulating tour through the mind on high alert. Full of useful insights on sustainable high-performance and how you can learn to bounce back from major setbacks." 
Jesper Kløve, Senior Vice President at Novo Nordisk A/S: “Wedell-Wedellsborg has spent a lot of time studying and focusing on performance under pressure, and it shows. This is a truly well-researched book. Battle Mind is highly informative and provides a hands-on framework and specific ideas for achieving great results. There are great cases in this book for every leader”.
Anne-Marie Søderberg, Professor, Copenhagen Business School: "With a solid grounding in psychology and leadership studies Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg does an exemplary job when framing the stories told with lucid concepts for dealing constructively with common management derailers”.
Christian Ørsted, bestselling author of Lethal Leadership: "If you are seeking answers to one of the core mental demands of modern leadership, you need this book. It features a fascinating mix of psychology, research and case studies from the military, business and politics. A terrific read”.
Helena Boas, Founder and President, Bodas: " Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg’s fascinating account examines a critical aspect of the minds of leaders, managers, and founders of businesses worldwide. However, the mental reflexes she examines and the tools she suggests/prescribes are are also more broadly applicable and invaluable for everyone across all aspects of their lives”.
Maria Hjorth, CEO, Mercer Denmark: “To succeed in business you have to perform under pressure and it demands more than just talent. You need to perform when it counts. I believe that 'Battle Mind' is a core life skill for everyone and I can highly recommend Merete's book.” 
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