Lisa Kleypas

Then Came You

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A woman with a secret . . .
Reckless beauty Lily Lawson delights in shocking London society. She will break any rule to get what she wants . . . and she is determined to stop her younger sister from marrying Alex, Lord Wolverton, a handsome and arrogant earl who has vowed never to fall in love.
A man who will do anything to possess her . . .
To Alex's fury, the headstrong hellion presents a temptation he can't resist. He vows to make her pay dearly for her interference—with her body, her soul, and her stubborn, well-guarded heart.
As Alex and Lily challenge each other at every turn, they are caught up in a white-hot desire that burns through every defense and exposes the mystery of Lily's past . . . and together they discover that love is the most dangerous game of all.
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    Sofiahas quoted3 months ago
    “We’re alike in some ways, you and I,” she murmured. “Pride, temper, and obstinacy. You’d move a mountain to get what you want…but you, my poor brute, don’t even know where the mountain is.”
    roubaazourhas quoted5 years ago
    He knew she couldn’t be trusted with his heart, but somewhere along the way he had already given it to her.

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