Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The Spinal Step

How can an anxious, fearful, unhappy humanity ever find heaven in life? Sadhguru tells us that all it takes is the realization that we determine the nature of our own experience. The fundamental possibility of determining one's inner experience in human life is the spine, which is why it is seen as the axis of the universe in yoga. An understanding of and mastery over it frees us to explore the full potential of life, unafraid of the consequences. It can turn an accidental life into an ecstatic one. And it can turn every human being into an inner engineer, capable of making himself just the way he chooses.
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  • Aleksandra Lepilovahas quoted2 years ago
    They have become incapable of looking tenderly at every aspect of life
  • Aleksandra Lepilovahas quoted2 years ago
    has taken care for
  • Aleksandra Lepilovahas quoted2 years ago
    People have been hugely drawn to it and they have tried to move into the forest and live just like them

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