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Annie West

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption (Seven Sexy Sins Book 5)

Envy puts a ruthless executive in the crosshairs of what just might be love in a novel that’s “full to the brim with unforgettable romance goodness” (Anna Campbell, author of The Worst Lord in London).
There are three goals self-made magnate Flynn Marshall set out to achieve:
1. A multimillion-dollar business empire
2. Acceptance in the highest echelons of society
3. A wife to make him the envy of all men!
Flynn’s ruthlessly accomplished his first goal and he’s on his way to the second. As for the third, he will rush stunning, well-connected Ava Cavendish to the altar at the first opportunity. A trophy bride should complete his plans, but passionate Ava and the desire she inflames in this untouchable CEO threaten to turn his carefully ordered strategy on its head . . .
“I think the chemistry was perfect between Ava and Flynn, what starts out as a holiday romance, becomes a perfect happily ever after.” —Harlequin Junkie
“5/5 star review for a wonderful story of redemption.” —Contemporary Romance Reviews
216 printed pages
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