Michael Kerrigan

Mind Over Matter

Is it possible to 'send' thoughts into someone else's brain? Can random number generators predict future events? Why does a placebo work like a drug? Is there a collective consciousness? Even in this age of neurological discovery, the mind is still largely uncharted territory. What if there is more to the power of thought than we have yet grasped? This enthralling introduction takes in an extraordinary breadth of topics, with an even-handed approach, sifting fact from fantasy – and fraud. Encompassing the ideas of the greatest minds in Western intellectual and scientific history – Aristotle, Descartes, Newton, Einstein and more – it ventures far beyond the confines of that tradition to address Eastern thought and other ways of knowing, and exploring some of the enigmas that might conceivably be unlocked in the near future. (Unillustrated edition for e-readers) “A smart, dynamic, approachable exploration – offering a rare blend of compelling narrative and responsible research on the connections between mind and matter.” Marilyn Schlitz, President and CEO, IONS
290 printed pages
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