Elinor Klivans

Cupcakes: Reference to Go

The take-along book for whipping up cupcakes anytime and anyplace—from the renowned food writer and author of Big Fat Cookies.
Drawn from the bestselling book, Cupcakes!, this ebook includes such inviting recipes as Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes, Vanilla Cheesecake Crunch-Top Cupcakes and the deliriously delicious Lemon Angel Cupcakes. Here are twenty-five scrumptious ways to bring smiles faster than a kid can lick the batter off a beater. From the elegant to the unexpected, these are Elinor Klivans’ favorite recipes, guaranteed to bring the wow factor to any occasion or event.
Praise for Cupcakes!
“Without spending any more time than you would making a mix you can create cupcakes that are elegant, simple, delicious, beautiful, comforting.” —The Nibble
“Lush, larger-than-life photographs are just the icing on the cupcake that is this delightful contribution to the canon of confectionary cookbooks . . . Unlike several other cupcake books, Klivans’ recipes are easy to follow and produce excellent results.” —Publishers Weekly
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