Vas Blagodarskiy

The Fruit Trees Book: Growing Orange & Citrus Trees – Blood Oranges, Navel, Valencia, Clementine, Cara And More

When you want to enjoy the taste of a fresh citrus fruit, whether it is squeezing your own orange juice, or adding a dash of lemon to your favorite dish, you probably run off to the produce aisle and pick something that looks like the best of the bunch. 
You don’t stop to wonder if the fruit was sprayed with preservatives and pest sprays, or if it’s not as fresh as the label would have you believe. You probably don’t know that some citrus fruits are dyed to give them that deep, beautiful coloration. Not to mention, the number of hands that touch it before it gets to your table. “If it looks good, it must be good.” 
What if I told you that you can grow citrus trees in your own backyard or even start a small balcony orchard, and that it’s not as complicated as you would think? All you need is soil, plants, commitment, and a guide book to show you the way. 
Well, this is that guide book! With a little know how, you can grow your citrus trees just about anywhere, even indoors. This guide will help you through the critical stages in your tree’s development and have you harvesting your own fruits in the blink of an eye.
Once you have mastered growing one type of citrus fruit, you’ll see that they all are quite similar to grow. Later in this book, you will learn the technical side of growing your own citrus trees at home, including the layout of the orchard, climate requirements, irrigation techniques, leaf sampling, planting tips, and more to help your citrus tree survive and thrive for many years of fresh, homegrown citrus fruits.
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