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Suzy Susson

Instant Pot Cookbook 2019

How would you like to cook with your instant pot multicooker cookbook (pressure cooker) for 1 year in a row? This book is an instant pot bible filled with instant pot all time best recipes containing a variety of daily nutritious food that is delicious, economical & time efficient. You get a guided step towards cooking at least one meal a day on your instant pot for 1 year in a row with no day skipped. (Basically a cookbook how not to die manual to help you in the kitchen)

You also get;

Breakfast recipes Such as;

French toast

Beef Roast

Pumpkin Butter

Pecan Sweet Potatoes

Poultry such as;

Turkey Chili

Turkey meatballs

Chicken wings

Instant Pot desserts such as;

Almond carrot cake

Pumpkin pie pudding

Chocolate cake

Rice Dish such as;

Coconut Rice

Black Beans & Rice

Chipotle Rice

All of these to ensure a balanced diet. All these in one book.

These recipes are enjoyed by my family and friends and I would love you to be part of this great experience too.
111 printed pages
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David Johnson
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