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Jennifer Faris

Raw Food for Beginners

Raw foodism as a diet has been known since the ancient times. Our ancestors were eating fresh food and felt great. Before the dawn of the Paleolithic age, people were eating raw plant food and later included animal products into their diet. Now, human diet mostly consists of semi-finished products and fast food. So, what exactly, raw foodism gives to a man? As an individual diet concept, raw foodism was formed in the 20th century. The spread of raw foodism was favored by mass diseases of civilization — obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Thus, raw foodism began to cause myths about the things which are dangerous in it, that some raw foodists died from a lack of essential substances, that raw foodists gave birth to a disabled person. At the same time, raw foodists never miss the chance to speculate whether the raw foodism is useful and to which extent. In my book, I will not cover the theory of raw foodism in the form in which adherents perceive it. I am going to pay more attention to some obviously false notions, offered as a substitute for the existing knowledge or experience regarding raw foodism. We’ll also consider the order of the real thoughts concerning the advantages of raw foodism. In reviewing some facts, I used quotes from raw foodists’ experience, similar articles and books with slightly edited style and grammar.

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