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Upgrade Your English Writing Skills

Let Upgrade Your English Writing Skills immediately impact your written English.

You know how important crisp communication skills enhance your career in the global economy.

Thankfully Upgrade Your English Writing Skills is your valuable combination of 4 books to sharpen your written communication skills starting today.

The 4 books are:

Book 1: 17 Keys to Better English Writing

Book 2: 27 Keys to Better English Grammar

Book 3: Top 75 Misused English Word Pairs

Book 4: 303 Vocabulary Words You Need

Each text is written by a veteran CELTA-certified English teacher who has helped candidates just like you reach their career goals.

This comprehensive volume gives you expert advice so you gain an unfair advantage over the competition in the ruthless international job market.

Professor Winn shares his own wisdom regarding English writing, vocabulary, and grammar in this complete 4-book collection.

Be better prepared for a rewarding career whether at university or the office with stronger writing skills in our global economy.

Get your copy of Upgrade Your English Writing Skills today!
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  • Victor Ohhas quotedlast month
    A gerund is a verbal, a word derived from a verb, but acting like a noun in a sentence. Thus, it occupies some positions in a sentence that a noun ordinarily would like a subject, direct object, subject complement, and object of preposition.
  • Victor Ohhas quotedlast month
    The comparative form shows the difference between two objects. The superlative form is used to talk about three or more objects and to show which object is 'the most' of something.
  • Victor Ohhas quotedlast month
    "I'm all for the scissors. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil." - Truman Capote
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