David Evans

Blind Spot for Murder

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Blind Spot for Murder is a completed, 102,964-word Fictional Thriller. It is targeted toward adult readers. The manuscript has been professionally edited for consistency in both characters and plots. The story takes place in the US and Europe, as well as the many beautiful ports of call of various cruise ships.

Sebastian McKenzie was the half-Thai /half-American son of a Thai sex worker Born with a hair lip a craving for heroin, Subsequently he develops the condition known as Trichotillomania (the need to pull out his own hair and that of others and eat it)His psyche had been undermined from the minute he was born.

From an early age Sebastian adapts to different environments. Trained by a brilliant musician and an expert of martial arts, Sebastian has the hands that can create musical poetry or death. Sebastian is devious, with a grandiose sense of self, a pathological liar with no sense of shame or remorse; in short a sociopath.

Max Cutler is a young law school graduate who is recruited by the Secret Service. Not to protect the president, but to protect America’s interests abroad; specifically, to break up a counterfeiting ring based in Germany that is using US dollars. While Max is in Europe, his younger sister disappears from a cruise ship in Alaska. He flies back to comfort his parents, who are subsequently killed in a plane crash.

Max is devastated. In trying to determine the details surrounding his sister’s death, he discovers that over 700 people per year go missing or die on cruise ships, raising more questions than answers. He befriends Cheryl, whose husband has disappeared from a cruise ship as well. They join forces and create MIDAS, Marine Investigations Deaths at Sea.

Max recruits investigators from among his cohorts; former US Secret Service and Navy Seals; British military intelligence; German police, and New Zealand SAS, among others. The best of the best.

While Max is on the trail of the European counterfeiters, MIDAS is tracking down a serial killer on the high seas known as the Grim Reaper (Sebastian McKenzie). These two worlds collide when the details of what actually happened to Max’s family emerge.
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