Santo D. Marabella

The Lessons of Caring

Written as a source of inspiration and support for the contemporary caregiver, The Lessons of Caring is short, sweet and to the point — colorful, digital pages with video commentaries from caregivers to comfort you, and exercises and questions to help you.  The purpose of the book is twofold.  First, to share some of the insights the author has gained from helping his parents deal with the challenges of advanced and complex medical issues and their aging.  Second, the book is written in the hopes that the insights and perspective shared will provide support, inspiration and affirmation to other caregivers.
Dr. Santo D. Marabella, the author and a college business professor, has learned from his experience caring for his elderly, Italian-American parents.  Rather than an academic read, Marabella offers accessible content and pragmatic, usable (you judge if it's "useful") advice.  Recognizing that his experience may pose limitations and applicability for other caregivers, this book is not an exhaustive or comprehensive presentation of caregiving lessons; rather, The Lessons of Caring strives to be a resource to caregivers by stimulating reflection, offering support and creating opportunities to grow from the lessons he has learned.
The Lessons of Caring presents eight lessons.  While there is a deliberate sequencing in the book, readers may want to read, and re-read, the lessons in a different order.  Throughout this book, Marabella talks about self-care.  He says, "It’s as much a reminder for me, as it is a prompt for you.  I’m still learning!"  A special feature is the video message that begins each lesson.  Marabella invited other caregivers, and those who work with caregivers, to share their experiences and thoughts.  When viewed from an Internet-connected device, readers will be able to hear from others who have been on this journey, bringing the meaning of the lesson's topic to life in a more personal way.
Marabella hopes that reading, The Lessons of Caring, "will feed your spirit, recharge your energy and affirm your amazing and life-changing impact as a caregiver!"
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