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Family Style Asian Cookbook: Authentic Eurasian Recipes

Family Style Asian Cookbook: Authentic Eurasian Recipes.
Traditional Anglo-Burmese & Anglo-Indian Dishes.

— 90 Awesome recipes

— Over 50 photographs

This cookbook gives you a range of Anglo-Burmese and Anglo-Indian recipes to try out. It is for anyone who enjoys good food and there are many dishes to enjoy.

This book gives an authentic account of food with cultural background. If you are a beginner, or have modest cookery skills, then these recipes offer you the chance to use and build on your own creative flair, style and sense of fusion cooking adventure.

Family Style Asian Cookbook with traditional Anglo-Burmese & Anglo-Indian Dishes, contains 90 selected hearty home recipes inside, mainly covering Burmese and Indian food, and these are just a few to mention.

This book is not a laborious expensive cookbook all about family history either, you know the type? But instead, it is packed with authentic Eurasian recipes, and also contains over 50 arty black and white photographs, in a variety of selected, memorable and well known dishes.

Many authors have attempted to produce Eurasian recipe books, but this one is different because of the range of historical and cultural dishes contained inside this cookbook. Inside you will find recipes for everyone especially those who are adventurous; it appeals to a few of my vegan friends too!

There are however, a few recipes that are not entirely Eurasian (Anglo-Burmese or Anglo-Indian), but these were included because certain recipes actually originated from and were inspired by particular countries, so it made sense to include them in the book.

If you love your food and like to indulge in good food, don't we all, or you often wonder what next to cook for the family, then this Eurasian book will give you the insight and provide you with a substantial collection of notable dishes that you can try out, experiment with yourself, and enjoy with your family and friends.

Or, if you are totally new to this kind of food then flick through and it will certainly give you a groundbreaking introduction; you can then impress everyone with your new style in cooking. Furthermore, if you know someone who enjoys cooking, then this book makes a great gift too.

NB. This cookbook has sold numerous copies already!

Buy this book today, Eurasian: Family Style Asian Cookbook: Authentic Eurasian Recipes Traditional Anglo-Burmese & Anglo-Indian Dishes.
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