Xiaoming Wang,Richard H. Tedford


Two noted paleontologists present a detailed portrait of the family Canidae across 40 million years of evolution in this illustrated volume.
After decades of research and analysis, paleontologists Xiaoming Wang and Richard H. Tedford established the modern framework for understanding the evolutionary relationship of canids. Combining their work with Mauricio Antón's reconstructions of both extinct and extant species, Wang and Tedford now present a nuanced and visually stunning portrait of the origin and evolution of canids.
The fossil record of the Canidae, particularly those from their birthplace in North America, are the strongest of their kind among known groups of carnivorans. Such a wonderfully detailed evolutionary history makes the canid an ideal model organism for the mapping of predator behavior and morphological specializations.
With its innovative illustrated approach to this important branch of animal and fossil study, Dogs provides an unprecedented reference for anyone interested in the evolution of these fascinating animals.
367 printed pages
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