Still Alice: by Lisa Genova | Summary & Analysis

Summary of Still Alice by Lisa Genova | Includes Analysis


Still Alice is a novel by writer Lisa Genova. It tells the story of Alice Howland, a fifty year-old

psychology professor at Harvard and an expert in the field of linguistics, who is diagnosed with

early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Alice is married to John, a cancer cell biologist at Harvard. They have three grown children.

Anna is a lawyer, Tom is a third-year medical student at Harvard, and Lydia is an aspiring

actress. Both Tom and Anna, who is married to an attorney named Charlie, live in Boston. Lydia

lives in Los Angeles and is an aspiring actress.

In September of 2003, Alice is the guest speaker at a psychology seminar at Stanford. While

giving her talk, she suffers a memory lapse. Afterwards, she flies to Los Angeles to visit with

Lydia. At lunch at Ivy, a favorite restaurant among celebrities, they argue about Lydia’s career

choice. Alice wants Lydia to…

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