Owain Service,Rory Gallagher

Think Small

  • R Anandhas quoted2 years ago
    To achieve big, you will need to think small
  • Marianahas quoted2 years ago
    • Create an actionable plan
  • Mercy Ojohas quoted2 months ago
    We usually assume that when we set ourselves a goal we will probably pursue it with focus and attention, drawing heavily on our slower, reflective system.
  • Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted2 months ago
    It’s a curious and wonderful thing about the human condition that we are often a mystery to ourselves
  • b1745387005has quotedlast year
    Think Small is not a checklist.
  • gesposaspahas quoted2 years ago
    trengthening your social relationships;

    getting healthy and active;

    learning something new;

    being more curious; and

    giving to others.
  • Bishop Millan Mambwehas quoted19 days ago
    Rule 3: Break your goal down into manageable steps
  • Bishop Millan Mambwehas quoted19 days ago
    Rule 1: Choose the right goals
  • bhatiajyotikahas quoted22 days ago
    The key to thinking small is to understand how and when to deploy the slow system, and how and where to encourage the fast system to take over. This isn’t easy, because although the fast
  • bhatiajyotikahas quoted22 days ago
    We have a slow, reflective system; and we have a fast, automatic system. The slow system enables us to learn how to drive a car. The fast system allows us to drive effortlessly once we’ve mastered the art
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