Henry Wood

Studies In The Thought World – Practical Mind Art

These disconnected studies have been gathered and presented to the public in book form. A part of the volume consists of lectures and essays which have not before been published, while the others (subjected to some changes) have been reproduced through the courtesy of the publishers of the various magazines in which they originally appeared.

While all the papers are metaphysical, psychological, or evolutionary in character, they are, with one or two exceptions, essentially unitary, and therefore the order in which they are placed is not significant. Like “ short stories,” each is measurably complete in itself.

The power, quality, and exercise of the human thinking-faculty are attracting unwonted attention and interest, and the potency of concentrated ideals is increasingly understood and utilized. The priceless value of impersonal truth, and the saving power of optimism, are receiving increased and merited appreciation.

It is not merely a duty, but rather a privilege, for the author of this book to join with many others in urging forward the great cause of the higher life, and of a general human incarnation of the divine quality.
224 printed pages
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