Dylan Clearfield

Analyze Anyone on Sight

Any person can be analyzed on sight. This photo-filled how-to book reveals the secrets, using the latest 21st century methods.  It's perfect for someone on a first date, at a job interview, or anytime a new person or any person comes into one's life.  Is he truly happy to see you?  Hiding something?  Bored?  Wishing to be someplace else?  Perhaps even a threat to your safety?  All of these messages can be decoded if one knows how.  This self-help book is unique in that it uses photographs taken of people engaged in real life activities for accuracy of behavior displayed rather than relying on staged pictures which are unreliable.  Among the special sections is one about body and facial language concerned with flirting.  Another section covers the basics of deciphering micro-expressions. And a special chapter is devoted to describing features common among psychopaths and con artists for which to be alert and on guard.  Learning how to "read" people is a skill that almost anyone can acquire.  Not only can it help you avoid embarrassment but it can also help keep you safe.
360 printed pages
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