Mariuccia Milla


Indie Author Debuts with Bestselling Cli-Fi Novel!

That’s the headline Felix Ryder is dreaming of, the one that will turn his life around. Searching for the winning formula, he spends his days researching marketing hacks and apps promoted by the self-publishing maven, David Dill.

Felix’s narcissistic personality and obsession with success at all costs puts his best friend Andy on edge and his wife Natalie at the end of her rope as they try to save Felix from himself. Throw in the influence of their polyamorous neighbor Aimee and you have the perfect cocktail.

Unbridled confidence leads Felix to put his cli-fi (climate fiction) flood story on preorder just as severe rainstorms pummel half the country, sending his book into bestseller territory. It also sends Felix into a panic because he hasn’t written it.

How will his novel’s characters, Clive and Jerry, fight the forces of the Tier One oligarchs, escape prison, and get to the town of Lakebed before the floodwaters overtake Clive’s family? Will Felix keep from drowning himself?

And how will Natalie survive Felix’s obnoxious behavior while dealing with the kidnapping, homelessness, and fantasy that are part of daily life in their seemingly quiet suburban neighborhood?

Whether you’re an indie author or not, you’ll enjoy this satirical poke at the world of self-publishing. “Bestseller” exposes the intense, soul-sucking experience of newbie authors in their quest for success and relevance in the digital age.

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