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What is Neuroeconomics

The field of neuroeconomics is an interdisciplinary field that aims to explain human decision-making, which includes the capacity to process various alternatives and to carry out a plan of action. It investigates the ways in which economic behavior can influence our understanding of the brain, as well as the ways in which findings in neuroscientific research can lead economic models.

How you will benefit

(I) Insights, and validations about the following topics:

Chapter 1: Neuroeconomics

Chapter 2: Behavioral economics

Chapter 3: Loss aversion

Chapter 4: Ultimatum game

Chapter 5: Prefrontal cortex

Chapter 6: Somatic marker hypothesis

Chapter 7: Orbitofrontal cortex

Chapter 8: Frontostriatal circuit

Chapter 9: Reward system

Chapter 10: Ventromedial prefrontal cortex

Chapter 11: Consumer neuroscience

Chapter 12: Social emotions

Chapter 13: Paul Glimcher

Chapter 14: Russell Poldrack

Chapter 15: Neuromorality

Chapter 16: Dual systems model

Chapter 17: Giorgio Coricelli

Chapter 18: Joni Wallis

Chapter 19: Present bias

Chapter 20: Aldo Rustichini

Chapter 21: Antoine Bechara

(II) Answering the public top questions about neuroeconomics.

(III) Real world examples for the usage of neuroeconomics in many fields.

(IV) Rich glossary featuring over 1200 terms to unlock a comprehensive understanding of neuroeconomics. (eBook only).

Who will benefit

Professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those who want to go beyond basic knowledge or information for any kind of neuroeconomics.
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