Aaliyah Jackson

All White Alphas

Enjoy the following sizzling titles in this adults-only black woman, white man bundle:

Taken By The Billionaire Russian Mob Boss
Rachel is an African American woman working in a casino. Nikolav is the billionaire Russian owner, who flies in for an inspection for the very first time since Rachel started working there.

Nikolav loves black women, and he's the type of man to always get what he wants.

So when Rachel makes a mistake that costs thousands of dollars, Nikolav doesn't want to fire her… instead, he makes her an offer she can't refuse.

She'll have to choose between her desires and her morals as the handsome Russian dominates her right then and there in his office.

The Royal Slut
Monica is an educated black woman living in the US. When she lands the opportunity of her lifetime working for Prince Nathanial, she accepts a first class flight over to his palace without hesitation. It's only when Nathanial's wife goes on a trip that he reveals his true reason for hiring her – he wants an ebony plaything, and he always gets what he wants. Monica will have to choose between a fling with the handsome prince and her morals… and the prince will stop at nothing to claim Monica hard, rough, and unprotected.

Taking On The White Bikers
Chantel gets a little too drunk at the club, and wakes up in the bed of an outlaw motorcycle gang member. Although she's embarrased at acting like a ho, she decides to stay and kick it for a while. And with no ride home she doesn't really have a choice. One game of strip poker and several drinks later, she finds herself the center of attention for the entire clubhouse. Soon she'll be taking on more than one white biker as she gives in to her deepest desires and does things she can never, ever admit to doing.

Claimed By The Alpha
When Alexis, a successful black lawyer, agrees to a charity auction with her as the prize she thinks it's going to be a boring time and a boring date… that is, until her own boss is the one to claim her with an incredible amount of money. What she doesn't know is that her boss isn't just a billionaire, he's a werewolf, and when he changes he becomes insatiable. With her white boss in an animalistic werewolf state can she resist his advances or give in to his uncontrollable lust?

82 printed pages
Original publication
Publication year
25 Eagles
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