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Richard A. LaFleur

Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes

Designed to accompany the Wheelock’s curriculum.
From one of the country’s leading Latinists, this reader is the perfect complement to any Latin program, and the first collection of entirely authentic classical Latin texts that beginning students, from the very first day of their introduction to Latin, can read and enjoy.
Beginning with simple graffiti, Scribblers, Scvlptors, and Scribes moves toward longer inscriptions and literary texts as students progress. Designed to accompany the bestselling Wheelock’s curriculum, its 40 chapters are linked with the 40 chapters of Wheelock’s Latin, but the book’s readings and design features make it suitable for use alongside any introductory college or high-school Latin textbook. Packed with hundreds of actual Latin inscriptions, proverbs, and texts, this outstanding textbook also includes dozens of photos and illustrations, maps, discussion and comprehension questions, grammar capsules, a Latin–English vocabulary section, a summary of forms, and much more.
533 printed pages
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