Daniel Goleman

Working with Emotional Intelligence

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Do you want to be more successful at work?
Do you want to improve your chances of promotion?
Do you want to get on better with your colleagues?

Daniel Goleman draws on unparalleled access to business leaders around the world and the thorough research that is his trademark. He demonstrates that emotional intelligence at work matters twice as much as cognitive abilities such as IQ or technical expertise in this inspiring sequel.
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    Sovanda Hornshared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading


    Vasilisahas quoted3 years ago
    a set of specific competencies including empathy, self-discipline, and initiative distinguished the most successful from those who were merely good enough to keep their jobs.
    Yulia Ogorodnikovahas quoted3 years ago
    In a time with no guarantees of job security, when the very concept of a "job" is rapidly being replaced by "portable skills," these are prime qualities that make and keep us employable. Talked about loosely for decades under a variety of names, from "character" and "personality" to "soft skills" and "competence," there is at last a more precise understanding of these human talents, and a new name for them: emotional intelligence.
    b1432225832has quoted3 years ago
    on personal qualities, such as initiative and empathy, adaptability and persuasiveness.

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