Bujinlkham Bayasgalan

Sad Bitch to Bad Bitch

After mustering up the courage to give your heart to someone on a silver platter, they viciously tear your heart to pieces. You’ve now found yourself confused, trying to heal, lonely, and wondering if true love really exists. Although the road to healing can be challenging, you can still conquer it all!

If you’ve been looking for some guidance to help you move on from your past relationship, embrace the lessons you learned, and finally transition into the untouchable woman you are, then sis, this is your sign! There are no coincidences in the universe. You stumbled upon this for a reason. Let me hold your hand and help you pave the road to healing through this book!

Of course, love is a beautiful thing, but it does you no good when you’re always willing to give it to everybody but yourself! This informative and fun book is going to show you how to experience true love for yourself, stop obsessing over your loser ex, and start obsessing over the goddess within!

Inside this captivating book, you’ll discover:

Three compelling tools that will allow you to detox yourself from your relationship.

A contingency plan that will help you move on, no matter how many times you’re tempted to relapse.

Hidden psychological forces that control our behaviors in relationships.

13 steps to creating an empowering belief and setting yourself up for a successful transition into your new chapter.

How to create the ultimate relationship vision that will help you attract the partner of your dreams and meet all your needs!

How to build a thriving relationship with yourself and finally embrace the power of self-love, even if you’ve struggled before.

Imagine being able to finally give yourself the gentle and satisfactory love you’ve always craved. No more obsessing over a failed relationship or a partner who made you feel like you’re unlovable or like you’ll never be able to make it work. You might’ve lost a partner, but you’re about to find yourself.

Sis, are you ready to level up with the sweetest revenge? Then read Sad Bitch to Bad Bitch now!
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