Daddy's Curious Virgin

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Carly and her daddy have lived alone on the farm ever since her mother left them years ago. Will’s libido has always been in high gear, and now he’s going crazy since it’s been so long since he had sex. He masturbates behind the barn every day, but he never realized Carly could see him from her cozy little treehouse. Now she’s starting to take a real interest in sex, and there’s no one around to play this wonderful new game with…except her lusty father! Can she entice him into dropping his inhibitions and becoming her first lover?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Will frowned a little at Carly from across the dining room table. She was awfully jittery tonight! “Are you okay, princess?” he finally asked.

She beamed at him, and vigorously nodded. Finally he was paying attention to her! “I discovered a terrific new game today,” she exclaimed.

“Did you?” He’d been preoccupied most of the evening, worrying about the harvester. Some of the parts were worn away to almost nothing, and they just had to be replaced soon. He wasn’t quite sure how he was going to afford them for at least another month…

She was clearly waiting for him to show interest, so he dragged his mind away from work and smiled expectantly at her. “What kind of game?”

“Well…” She blushed suddenly, and looked away. “I was up in my treehouse…and I saw you, behind the barn, before you went to work on the harvester.”

Oh, hell! Will wanted to groan with dismay. He’d been so sure that she was in the house that he hadn’t even thought twice before dropping his pants!

“It was pretty cool, what you did,” she admitted with a shy grin. “So I decided to try it myself. And wow!” Amazement lit up her pretty face. “I never knew anything could feel that good!”

Will stared at her in shock. He’d just taught his baby girl to masturbate?

Only she wasn’t a baby anymore. She was a sexy young woman. Where had the time gone?

And what could be more natural than for a healthy teenage girl to give herself pleasure?

Just the thought of watching her sometime made his lusty shaft leap to attention. He struggled to ignore it. Carly was his daughter.

His extremely sexy daughter!

Heat began to rise in rippling waves, and he drew in a shuddering breath. No matter how much he needed to get laid, there were some lines that just couldn’t be crossed!

“So I was wondering…” She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes in an unconsciously seductive gesture that made his mouth go dry. “You like it a lot, and so do I. So maybe we can do it together, and make each other feel good?”
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