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Ian Gordon

Cosmic Communications From The Orgattans

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Different Cosmic Civilizations are already in contact with people on Earth. That has been said and demonstrated before through the history of UFO research. But every now and again there is the opportunity to find out about their intentions and what they have to say to us. This book is about sustained interactions with The Ogattans and other extraterrestrials.

Dr Ian Gordon, both a researcher and a clairvoyant medium, here shares some of the experiences of his meditation groups in Berwick Australia, during the last 4 years.

Confirmed communications and artwork depicting some of these people are rare commodities in this genre. But throughout this narrative, both are to be found. There are the details of successful appointments to meet with UFOs. There are discussions with beings who claim to have assisted in the cleanup of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There are accounts of confirmed healings in which the Ogattans and others have participated. And there are details of major fulfilled predictions, for instance the Japanese earthquake and a Pacific tsunami.

Throughout the communications and contact there has been an emphasis on the benign nature of those who wish to be more involved with people on earth. They have a lot to offer: Technologies to remedy pollution, energies to help in the evolution of humanity and new approaches to healing and our well being. Then, of course, there is their means of transport and their extraordinary psychic abilities. The Ogattans used these abilities and resources to show those in meditation what life on their planet is like. But their bottom line is that they recommend humanity become more compassionate and ask those of us with like mind to become Ambassadors for them.

Some may find this confronting, but for the more than 50% of people who are aware of UFOs and related phenomena, this message will be reassuring. We are being offered help at times of need. They encourage us to take steps which will increase our consciousness – and bring our ‘vibrations’ closer in line with theirs. We will become aware of life in the Cosmos and will witness one of the greatest events in Earth’s history as civilizations meet.
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