Shapeshifting stories by Tanith Lee, Peter S. Beagle, Midori Snyder, Jane Yolen, and others: “Rich reading that meets the editors’ high standards.” —Kirkus Reviews
In world mythology, transformation legends are attached to almost every type of animal: a variety of birds, fish, reptiles, and even insects. In this book, you’ll find stories inspired by such myths from around the world, retold and reimagined by some of the very best writers in the realm of fantasy and science fiction.
In “The Puma’s Daughter” by World Fantasy Award–winning author Tanith Lee, a boy betrothed to a girl from a powerful family in the hills hears whispered rumors about his intended that describe her golden hair, her strength—and her ability to transform into a great cat. A man brings his boyfriend to his conservative hometown, teaching his little sister a lot about acceptance—and mermen—in “Map of Seventeen” by Stonewall Honor Award–author Christopher Barzak. And in “The Hikikomori” by Hiromi Goto, winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, a misfit fifteen-year-old girl, bullied at school, discovers her true form—and heroic purpose.
“Twenty-two short stories and poems speak to the fascination with therianthropy (animal-human metamorphosis). From riffs on Beauty and the Beast to original tales of sexuality and an adolescent yeti, well-known fantasy and sci-fi authors create morsels that address themes as varied as coming-of-age and the environment—all while changing people into animals and vice versa.” —Booklist
“This collection will appeal to fantasy lovers as it provides both stories by beloved authors and exciting new voices to discover.” —School Library Journal
“A top-to-bottom very readable, engaging, book.” —SF Site
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