Eknath Easwaran


“Patience is the ornament of the brave,” Eknath Easwaran’s wise grandmother used to say. In all relationships, Easwaran says, patience is the mark of love. An experienced spiritual teacher, he gives powerful insights and advice for developing patience at home and at work, with his unique blend of humor and practicality. Stories offer quiet interludes throughout this little book. Anecdotes about animals, sports stars, and happy family outings make these short, varied readings as entertaining as they are instructive. Gentle reminiscences of India, tales from Easwaran’s Hindu heritage, and inspiration from the world’s saints lift the reader’s spirits and give courage. Just keep trying, Easwaran says, and you’ll find there’s no end to your patience — no end to the wisdom, love, and compassion in your heart. This book makes a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking a life that is kinder, more stable, and serene.
105 printed pages
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Nilgiri Press



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    Svetlana Etmanovahas quoted3 years ago
    As for having things work out just how and when we want, wisdom demands that we learn to expect the unexpected. Life thinks nothing of making changes in our plans - after all, it has a lot of people in the picture.
    Svetlana Etmanovahas quoted3 years ago
    Beneath the anger and agitation runs the river of love.
    Svetlana Etmanovahas quoted3 years ago
    “LOVE SUFFERS LONG AND IS KIND,” SAINT Paul says. This word - kind - is so simple that we seem to have forgotten what it means; it opens a great avenue of love.

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