Jeff Leighton

21 Ways To Find Off Market Real Estate

I’m About To Reveal To You My Proven Off Market Tactics To Finding Lucrative Real Estate Deals In Any City!

If you have ever tried to buy “off market” real estate before, then you know that deciding on a marketing strategy to use is only half the battle. If you can’t implement the marketing to get in front of the right types of motivated sellers then your marketing will be wasted. You must be able to systematically market your services in order to find these off market real estate opportunities. 
In 21 Ways To Find Off Market Real Estate I reveal to you some of the best strategies and methods that myself and the top investors across the United States have used to buy thousands of homes, consistently, in various types of markets.

In fact, on my very first off market deal I made 35,000 in profit, from one of the strategies we go over in the book. We will go step by step to implementing powerful marketing strategies that can add six figures to your current or new business. 
Why Should You Listen To Me? 
Over the last five years, I have dedicated myself to marketing and mastering the off market real estate world. During that time, I’ve done numerous deals in three different states and have worked with some of the top investors in the country learning the best strategies available. 
I will say that I didn’t get to where I am in the off market world overnight. I have literally spent countless hours learning, researching, and testing all of the marketing strategies possible to grow my real estate business. 
Many of the strategies I have tried over the years did not work. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars experimenting with various marketing tests in my own “off market lab” to discover the best tactics. Anything that worked I kept and systematized and I now use the majority of that in my own off market business. 
The result? I now can consistently generate leads and deals from the off market real estate world, no matter how much competition I have or what the market is doing. 
I am now going to reveal 21 of the best marketing strategies that have worked for me and my investors.
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