Eric Sevareid

Not So Wild a Dream

«For anyone even remotely interested in American literature and journalism, Not So Wild a Dream is a must-read, and a joy.»— Dan Rather
In this captivating first-person account, Eric Sevareid describes in thrilling detail his time as a journalist covering international affairs during World War II. From a young man in North Dakota to an instrumental figure in establishing CBS as an international news organization, Sevareid witnessed the shaping of America’s journalistic landscape. His experiences provide an invaluable glimpse into the trials and tribulations of a dogged reporter. With current distrust of the press on the rise, Sevareid’s insight is poignant and all the more necessary.
“The book is an excellent sketch of the war's progress, and a thoughtful personal record of Mr. Sevareid's adventures--one of the most far ranging war correspondent journals yet published.”— Library Journal
821 printed pages
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