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Kitty Corner

Positive Thinking Is the Key to Mental Health

Feel, observe, just stop for a second and look around… Maybe we're not villains; we just act based on some negative stereotypes: we are used to envying someone, to criticize someone and do not consider that we do something wrong. Just think, we blame others — is there anything special about it? And once people get together, they start to “pick others to pieces.” Or they begin to feel sorry for another person, thinking it is good. And, when we are sorry for a man, we limit his possibilities.

90% of our worries will never happen, Margaret Thatcher accurately calculated. Being constantly worried about something is our normal state. At the same time, we know that the excitement does not help, and prevents us from solving the problems. But we do not know what in general we shall do if we stop to rage and worry. A sort of emptiness emerges inside, what should be done with it? This is the problem.

Worries are fears with no address. Most of them aggravate in the twilight; this is a scientific fact. Thus, the parents worry about their children, the girls — about the boys, the boys — about the money… Some people think that's the way the world wags. That is not true. This is the way neurotics’ world wages since they continually create hell in their heads…

Every person either realizes or suffers in his life.The best way to live your life without the disease is to realize it.

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