Charley Marsh

Junkyard Dog

Bounced through an asteroid field like a pinball, Rita King crashes her damaged star cruiser on a lifeless planet. Her troubles are just beginning . . .

Margarita King loves her ship.

Loves the feel of deep space between the stars.

Loves being a galaxy cop. But holding the spot of top pilot in the elite Red Barons leaves little time for anything else in Rita’s life. Maybe that’s why she missed the signs that all was not well in her world. Someone tampered with her ship. Someone who should have had her back. Someone she trusted.

Rita can repair her ship, but then what? Something’s rotten in the Red Barons, and until Rita discovers who wants her dead and why, she can’t go back. Rita has no choice but to become a fugitive while she searches for answers, a decision that sends her on an odyssey worthy of Homer.
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