Jamal Khwaja

Essays On Cultural Pluralism

Ours are times when religion is systematically being used: unconsciously by some and deliberately by others, in the service of politics and personal gain, rather then spirituality. However, perceptive and honest minds among all religious communities view different religions as diverse “languages of the spirit”, each valid and nourishing in its own way. An impartial study of different religions shows the underlying unity in the diversity of religions. All religions are attempts to satisfy the human sense of wonder and awe at the inscrutable mystery of the universe. This common function produces the unity while the diverse conditions in which different religions arise and grow produce the diversity. This approach to religious pluralism is likely to spread among the masses and eventually displace the old tradition of religious exclusivity: the belief that there is only one road to salvation. History teaches us that despite the diversity of race, religion, and culture mankind is one indivisible family. There are no chosen peoples. History is not shaped by our hopes, pious wishes or prayers to an omnipotent God Who is partisan to His chosen people. Rather history is a movement governed by sociological laws that provide ample scope for human creativity along with freedom of choice and action. Each essay in this collection covers a separate theme, yet reflects the Author’s sincere efforts to appreciate and critically evaluate the knowledge and wisdom of an enduring scripture, or some intellectual or cultural tradition of the greater human family. In doing so, he shows how authentic and fruitful interfaith dialog can be and should be conducted.
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