Emma Borghesi

The Beans & Grains Bible

From garden to table, the complete guide to adding more protein, fiber, and plant-based meals to your diet through the addition of beans and grains.
Beans and grains have been part of the human diet for centuries. Many stories exist of ancient cultures using these foods not only for sustenance, but also in ritual. TheBeans & Grains Bible is a complete source of information on enjoying this naturally nutritious cuisine in your own home. Expert tips on choosing the best produce, storage ideas, and tasty recipes will help you make sure your family gets their daily requirement of these valuable food groups. The grains and beans featured include:
·      Oats
·      Wild rice
·      Spelt
·      Buckwheat
·      Quinoa
·      Chia
·      Flaxseed
·      Chickpeas
·      Lentils
·      Fava beans
·      Green beans
·      And more . . .
“Entertaining and easy to understand . . . To complete this incredibly informative presentation on your new additions to your pantry, there are some wonderful meal plans and recipes to encourage you to experience and experiment, along with some important notes and a great glossary.” —Blue Wolf Reviews
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